Sacagawea: Discovering History

Jane is a 14 year old who is dragged along on a family road trip following the route of the Corps of Discovery led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. History comes to life for her though when the family reaches Ft. Mandan, South Dakota, where Sacagawea, a 16 year old Shoshoni Native American, joined the 1804 expedition.

Production History
2003 Omaha Theater Company professional Black Box production and local tour; 2002 Omaha Theater Company Black Box professional production

Cast Size: for 3 actors (1f/2m)

For a scene sample of Sacagawea: Discovering History click here

Julie of the Wolves

World premiere stage adaptation of the Newberry Award winning book about a 13 year old Inupiat Eskimo girl who gets lost on the Alaskan tundra and must befriend a wolf pack for survival. Production is a heavily movement based show.

Production History
2000 Omaha Theater Company (Professional production on Mainstage)

Cast Size: 6 actors (3m/3f)

For a scene sample of Julie of the Wolves click here

Where the Red Fern Grows

Billy Colman, a young boy growing up in the Ozark Mountains during the Depression, is infected with the wonderful disease of puppy love at age 10.  His family can’t afford hunting dogs, so he saves dimes and pennies for 2 years to buy his dogs.  Billy teaches Ol’ Dan and Lil’ Ann everything they need to know about raccoon hunting.  These beloved hunting hounds end up teaching Billy about friendship, faith, and life itself.

Awards Winner of the 2002  American Alliance for Theater & Education Unpublished Play Reading Project

Selected Production History: mainstage production Omaha Theater Company in January 2000 as a mainstage production, national tour Omaha Theater Company 2001-2002, Lexington Children’s Theater 2004, Apple Tree Theater in Chicago 2006, A.D. Players in Houston 2007, Town Hall Theater in Dayton 2008, Barter Theater (regional tour) Virginia 2008

Cast Size a minimum of 2f/4m with several puppets, can be easily expanded to a cast of 10

Where the Red Fern Grows script sample

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Old Yeller

When his Papa leaves on a long cattle drive, fourteen year old Travis has to become the man of the family. Then Old Yeller, a mangy one-eared thieving mutt, shows up, and Travis wants nothing to do with him.  Old Yeller however proves to be a huge help to Travis and his family on the wild Texas frontier.  Strong and courageous, Old Yeller earns Travis’s love when the dog helps save the family from a bear, wild pigs and a rabid wolf.  However, when Old Yeller gets hydrophobia and must be shot, Travis is faced with the most difficult duty of his young life.

Awards: 2008 American Alliance for Theater and Education Unpublished Play Reading Award Winner

Production History: 2006 Omaha Theater Company Main-stage Production.  2007-08 Omaha Theater Company National Tour

Cast Size: a minimum of 3f/2m with lots of puppets, without doubling,cast can easily be expanded to a cast of up to 10 performers

Sample Scene from Old Yeller

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Creating Haley’s World

Haley, a thirteen year old girl, is the only human being; everyone else in the entire world are aliens in disguise as humans sent to Earth to create her world.

Production History
2010 Papillion La Vista Network (youth production), 2008 Phoenix Theater (youth production),  2003 St. Joseph’s School San Jose CA (staged reading), 1999 Omaha Theater Company (Teen Production) 1997 University of Texas at Austin ( Lab production)

2003 Children’s Theater Foundation Playwrights in Schools selection

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Bully Show, The

An interactive play about the problems of bullies in the schools. Audience watches the problem filled pilot of a new game show Who Wants to be a Bully?   Published by Dramatic Publishing

Awards:  2002 Kennedy Center New Visions/New Voices selection

Selected Production History
2009 Lexington Children’s Theater; 2005 South Carolina Children’s Theater (school tour) 2003- present, Omaha Theater Company (school tour), 2012 Rochester Children’s Theater,

Cast Size 2m/1f, has been done with 2f/1m, can be performed with with 5-10 performers

Sample Scene from The Bully Show

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Misfits, The

Bobby Goodspeed is a soft-spoken 7th grader who survives his mixed-up preadolescent life with the unwavering support of his three best friends: the outspoken Addie, the flamoyant Joe, and the tough Skeezie. Everything changes when Addie decides that the four of them should run against more popular peers in the upcoming student council election on a No-Name Calling platform.

In 2004, the book inspired GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing created a national No-Name Calling Week.  The project seeks to focus national attention on the problem of name-calling in schools, and to provide students and educators with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to eliminate name-calling in their communities

Production History: 2011 Omaha Theater Company Main stage Production

Cast Size: A minimum of 5m/2f (with doubling), can be expanded to 9m/4f currently (working on a new draft for a larger youth cast of 10m/7f with possible chorus)

Sample Scene from The Misfits

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