Super Adventures of Nutrition Man and Dr. Exercise, The

The Super Adventures of Nutrition Man & Dr. Exercise begins with the invited audience getting to see Nutrition Man’s top secret hideaway.  Unfortunately, the Super Sickly Slug has also infiltrated the secret lair.  When the villain eventually removes the memory of  Nutrition Man and his partner Dr. Exercise, the audience has to help the superheroes remember the importance of healthy choices before its too late!


2010 American Alliance for Theater Education (AATE) Unpublished Play Reading Winner

Production History
2008-current Professional Touring Production Omaha Theater Company (touring into the schools for 60 performances a year), 2010 Imagination Stage professional production

Cast Size:  for a minimum of 3 actors (2m/1f or 2f/1m) with doubling  can be easily expanded to 10

Click here to read a scene sample from the Super Adventures of Nutrition Man and Dr. Exercise

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