Spoiled Princess, The: A Grimms Fairy Tale

A beautiful, but pampered princess publicly humiliates all of her suitors, including a kind young prince. Then the princess is given a gift of a minstrel from an anonymous prince, she dismisses the minstrel and sends him to sing to the pigs. However, the minstrel eventually tricks the princess into kissing him. When her father catches them, the princess is forced to marry this poor minstrel. When she must work in the kitchen for the kind young prince whom she rejected earlier, her humiliation is complete. The humbled princess, though, still has one more surprise in store for her.

Production History
2007 Summer Camp Youth Production, Papillion NE

Cast Size: for a minimum of 4 actors (2f/2m)

For a scene sample of The Spoiled Princess: A Grimms Fairy Tale click here

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